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President and CEO

Magda BERA
Marketing-Communication Manager

They talk about us

“The touch in addition to the concept? Workshops near Lille, where all the components of the cabinets are manufactured and assembled. Local production, as much as the products sold in short.”

Ugo Jallais & Ugolin Bourbon-DenisQuotidien SIVAL 2020

“For these farmers, it is less time-consuming and above all cheaper than opening a shop, and they can continue to work on their farm during this time.”

Nicole BuyseFrance Bleu Nord

“It is a standardized vending machine made up of 15 to 200 modular lockers, connected and managed remotely. They can be refrigerated. Designed, developed and assembled at Ennevelin, this product, 80% of which comes from the region, claims to be 100% French.”

Nicole BuyseLes Echos

“With experience in the manufacture of vending machines, this three-color label is aimed at producers through the manufacture of "connected lockers" dedicated to the sale of local products on a short circuit. Both designer, manufacturer and installer, Le Casier Français offers its customers a range of customizable solutions based on refrigerated and non-refrigerated modules.”

Loren TrotignonTerre et Touraine

“Baguettes, oysters, rillettes: adapted to more flexible consumption methods, these machines represent a solution to the disappearance of local shops in small towns.”

Stéphane KovacsLe Figaro

“When we all created this ecosystem, we thought of refrigeration and today, there are modules that are refrigerated or unrefrigerated so that the producer can set, knowing at a distance the temperature of the different lockers.”

Frédérique Le Teurnier & Denis Faroud / Ségolène Alunni & Quentin LhuissierFrance Bleu