Isotype Le Casier Français

Le Casier Français, the Made in France vending machine. A tailor-made tool for all manufacturers opting for the short circuit!


Already more than 600,000 sales in the short circuit!

This Made In France automatic food vending machine frees farmers from the hassle of intermediaries, while relieving them of the workload involved in running a point of sale. The vending machines are designed and manufactured in our workshops in Ennevelin, 20 minutes away from Lille. As a vending machine manufacturer, we thus control all the production phases, from design to delivery.

Open 24/7

Thanks to its remote management and 24/7 availability of products, Le Casier Français is the ideal distribution method. Installed in a transit area, sheltered from bad weather and the sun, it makes life easier for customers.

Blue module combination

Le Casier Français is modular and evolutive and is suitable for both fresh products with a short shelf life and less sensitive products. This dispenser for fruit and vegetables, dairy products, cold meats, meal trays, shellfish… therefore ensures the good conservation of these products, issued from the short circuit..

Preserving the Blue Margins

Le Casier Français allows producers to preserve their margins by offering a fair price. In this way, it guarantees ethical and responsible consumption for local consumers.

The producer sells better while remaining competitive compared to the traditional trade or supermarket circuit.



From producer to consumer

The challenge of short circuits

More and more consumers are buying local products directly from producers.
The craze for the short circuit can be explained by the desire to know the origin of the product and to support local producers.

The main advantages of short circuits for farmers are a higher margin and the guarantee of a fair price.
Other advantages are the strengthening of the link between consumer and producer and the reduction or even elimination of transport costs.
The solution we have put in place to encourage this direct trade is the installation of a short circuit fruit and vegetable vending machine at strategic locations.

The solution we have created to promote direct exchange between the consumer and the operator is the installation of a connected food vending machine. This solution allows the farmers to sell their products in a short circuit without the constraints of store management.
Solutions enabling producers to sell to consumers without intermediaries do already exist. However, whether they are local or provided online, most of them require a significant financial and human contribution from the producer.


Values and commitments

The service

From the project feasibility study phase to the implementation phase, our multidisciplinary team will advise you and offer you tailor-made solutions for your vending machine purchase. We adapt to your requirements and constraints. By combining proximity and technical expertise, we guarantee permanent support and technical advice.

The human aspect

Manufacturer of food vending machines, Le Casier Français is a human-scale company. Our team is composed of dynamic people, including engineers, business managers, technicians and draftsmen. We use our professionalism and experience to establish a long-term partnership, with the aim of maintaining a relationship of trust.


Our in-house design office strives to offer you the latest innovative technologies: mechatronics, telemetry…with the guarantee of regular registration of trademarks and patents.


Our skills

Consulting and expertise

With the aim of providing the best possible quality of response, our staff work as a team to ensure the successful completion of your project. Le Casier Français offers innovative solutions by integrating technologies adapted to your requirements into its machines.


Our IT and Automation department fully designs all the applications specific to vending machines and adapts to its customers’ specifications.

The workshop and after-sales service

We assemble all of our products in our workshop, guaranteeing premium quality. We make sure that your food vending machine meets your expectations. After Sales Service is provided both by remote maintenance and by our technicians who travel all over France.

Short circuit food distribution:
towards a more local and
sustainable agriculture

Le Casier Français has chosen to offer products from the short circuit to promote exchange and proximity with local producers. The food vending machine is a solution that meets the needs of both producers and consumers. It also guarantees the maintenance of an ideal temperature, for an optimal preservation quality.

Le Casier Français is a made-to-measure solution: 100% modular, scalable and made in France for a more ethical and responsible consumption in short circuit.

If you’re not sure about purchasing a vending machine, Le Casier Français also offers rental as an alternative. The opportunity for you to test the module that suits you! To customise your vending machine and adapt it to your needs, discover our various models of connected vending machines.

They put their trust in us